The Bizarre Truth

 I am a huge fan of Andrew Zimmern.  I could wax poetical about his incredible warmth, witty narrative style, and deep appreciation for the lost—but universal—truths about life and the world.  I think that his show ‘Bizarre Foods’ is one of my favorite shows of all time.  I excitedly pounce on new episodes as soon as I can get at them, because this man is an amazing one.  If he could be summed up in a single word—I said could, not is—then that word would be ‘genuine’.  He is absolutely the sort of person I wish that I could have around me, because who he is would invariably change me for the better.  He does it through a television screen, for crying out loud, how could he not be even more awesome as a friend?

 Clearly, because I love this guy, I was ecstatic about reading his book, but I ended up being, well… bored to tears.  The one and only problem with the book is that its material is 98% that of his episodes.  One could say there is some behind-the-scenes insight, but Andrew wears his heart—and stomach—on his sleeve at all times.  I feel like I know everything going on with the man because it shows in every glance, expression, and comment that he puts out.  He gives all of himself to other people, and the camera is just a minor detail between him and you on the other side.  He shares with you like a bosom buddy.  So, for me, the book was extraneous.

I would one-hundred percent recommend this book for anyone to read, his style is great and he’s a blast as always, and the message is an excellent one.  The exception to this are die-hard viewers of the series, where it’s highly likely that you already know these stories and revelations first hand.

Oh, and have I mentioned, I love Andrew Zimmern?


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