The Beauty Detox Solution

The Beauty Detox Solution is one of those books that you look at and all you can see is celebrity hype that is doomed to be ridiculous.  Color me surprised when I read through it and thought it made sense.

I’ve read so much about diet (I mean lifestyle diet, not short-term-lose-weight diets) and food that I feel I have a pretty decent handle on what is bullshit and what isn’t.  While Miss Snyder does a great deal of repeating (I realize some people need to see information repeatedly to absorb it), her basic information is simple and reasonable.  I felt like her method took what information I know about the best diets and put it together in a way that made the best sense for someone like me.  I’ve been on the raw diet, I’ve seen the merits of meatless and whole foods and so on.  She explains all of the medical and scientific reasons behind what she eventually suggests you do, although I knew 98% of it already.

What I got out of this book:

  • The order in which you eat food is important because some foods digest faster than others.  This is common sense, but it’s not one of those things that you automatically think up yourself, most of the time.  The quick explanation is that if you put a slowly-digesting food in before a fast-digesting food, the faster stuff has to wait in line behind the slow one and things start to rot.  Gross, yes, but true.  She explains how to properly order your food in detail, but the rules are very simple and pretty easy to remember.  I like this.
  • Your body holds onto fat to protect you.  This is an idea I have never seen before and it was like a gong went off.  Essentially, fat cells wrap around toxins, which hold the poisons and chemicals away from the rest of your system.  Your body doesn’t want to burn the fat because it knows the toxins will get put back into your system where it will wreak havoc.  It will only begin to release it when your system is getting enough nutrients and energy.  Suddenly a whole lot about my battle with weight becomes a whole lot clearer.
  • If you spend all of your available energy on digesting, your body can’t use it to make sure everything else is working at it’s best.  This goes back to point one, where digesting efficiently allows your body an excess of energy to go repair shabby parts of your body and make you look and feel tons better.  She throws out a stat about how 80% of your energy is used for digestion, but if you’re making it harder to do it, then that other 20% is hard-pressed to help and doesn’t really get used optimally.

I like the way she puts this whole lifestyle together, I like that the rules are insanely simple to remember, I like that it’s not about losing weight (although that is usually a byproduct), and I like that she understands that some people still want to eat meat, regardless of health implications, and helps readers to incorporate them into the diet so that you are still functioning as optimally as possible.  Luckily, I’ve been leaning toward removing meat (except some fish) from my diet anyway.

Best of all, it’s something I really want to give a shot, so perhaps this book review will end up becoming a testament to it’s success or not.  I’m already planning my next grocery trip so that I can get started with ‘phase 1’/’phase 2’.

Don’t let some of the verbage throw you off of this book.  She’ll use terms like ‘Beauty Energy’ and so on, but if you look at the larger picture, it’s really her way of helping you visualize exactly what she’s teaching you.  Everything else is the same way.  It may not always seem pertinent, but it’s easy to understand and it’s all common sense in the end.  Also, a huge help is her website, especially her blog, where many of her recipes are available as well as some videos that are very helpful, such as how to open a young coconut and so on.  Any gray areas I’ve discovered in her book were cleared up there quite easily.


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