If you’ve ever watched 3rd Rock From the Sun, then you know Kristen Johnston as the alien-trapped-as-a-woman Sally. Guts is a quick book confessing how her addiction to drugs and alcohol led to her insides splitting open and almost killing her, and how it affects the life she has lived ever since.

It’s not a new story, in and of itself, but it is told in her voice and that voice has a flair for comedy, sarcasm, and self-deprecation. Most of all, she is blunt about the experience, and that frankness is what is most important. You may read a hundred books about an actress who fell prey to addiction, but it is fascinating to a person like me, who has never had any desire to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, to see what it did to her. She does point out that everyone has an addiction. It doesn’t have to be narcotic to have detrimental effects on our lives, either. In my case, for instance, it’s food and the struggle I have with the feeling of hunger. That addiction to food, or sugar, has led to some unhappy aspects of my life that I am battling to this day. For someone else it might be golf, or video games, or sex, and so on.

Anyway, there isn’t much to say about this book, because it’s just so straight forward. If you like Kristen Johnston, I urge you to give it a try. It’s a very easy read to blow through. If you are a functioning addict, I urge you to read this book. Obviously, if you’re in denial like most addicts are, you may not recognize that you should see this story, but if you even have the smallest inkling, please do it. It may do nothing for you, but it may be exactly what you need.


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