Clara’s Kitchen


I’m pleased to share my thoughts on Clara’s Kitchen by Clara Cannucciari with you.

I first discovered this wonderful woman about a year and a half ago when I can across her delightful videos on youtube.  It prompted me to ask my own grandmother about the hard times and I learned some fantastic information about her and her past as a result.  Since finding her videos, I have felt grateful that someone from the era of the Great Depression is around, sharing with us some memories and recipes from that time.  I wish there were more being shared by more people, but we’re running out of resources like Miss Clara.

Times are harder and only getting harder and we, as a whole, have forgotten what it is like to go wanting.  We have credit cards to live outside our means, ads and social pressures telling us that we need the latest thing, companies producing items that simply don’t last, and so on.  But back then, Clara says, they didn’t know to want anything, because it just didn’t happen.  You knew from day one that you just couldn’t get everything you wanted and you were okay with that.  Birthdays weren’t celebrated, gifts weren’t really gifts but necessities, and so on.  The littlest things were wonderful when you got to have them, because you had to do without the rest of the time.  This is a lesson many of us need to learn and, perhaps soon, we will have to.  I’m just glad I got to read a little bit of her experiences. Gives you a good perspective on what you have now.  Read the book or watch some of her videos, like the one below:


2 thoughts on “Clara’s Kitchen

    • Thanks, hon! We definitely all need to be grateful, that’s for sure. The ‘gimme, gimme’ of our generation should definitely give way to appreciation for the simpler things, as you said. Hear, hear!

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