About Anne

It has been said about Jane Austen’s character, Anne Elliot, that she is witty, clever, and considerate, ‘like all of Austen’s heroines’.  Austen herself said Anne Elliot ‘is a heroine that is almost too good for me’.  She was a woman who made mistakes in her youth and felt that the unhappiness in her life was a direct result of them.  She found love and joy later in life after she had long given up hope of having them ever again.  It was by growing into a strong individual that she got back what she most wanted and once lost.

In these respects, Anne Elliot is both who I am and who I would wish to be.  I struggle to be a good person who is all of those good things, while struggling to break free of a youth filled with mistakes I am not proud of.  I only hope that love and joy are in my future too.

In the beginning, 2010, I gave myself a 50-books-a-year reading challenge to bring myself back to what I used to find important second only to breathing and writing: reading.  I wanted to show myself that there was enough time to read after all.  At first I kept track of the books in the ‘Lit Logs’ and gave brief paragraph descriptions to give my impressions of the book after I was done.  Now I make full entries about books that are worth talking about.  In 2012 I got caught up in life and once again fell prey to not reading very much.  Now, in 2016, I intend to prove myself wrong again.  At the end of each year I present a list of the best and worst books of the year, it’s personally one of my favorite things to do after I’ve accomplished my 50-book goal.  Please feel free to join in with your thoughts at any time.

“Let us all hope that we are preceded in this world by a love story.” – ‘Sweetland’


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